Adapting during Covid.

What a strange couple of months it’s been, not just for us here at LDM for absolutely everyone!

Companies, families, organisations have had to adapt in any way they can, majority have had to close completely, we’re Definity under the bracket of companies “adapting”.

If you told me two months ago we would be carrying out distributions with face visors, gloves and hand sanitisers I would of told you you’re absolutely crazy, but needs must in these unprecedented times but I’m confident we will come out the other side stronger, more organised and definitely more efficient.

With everything grinding to a holt with flyer distribution, we’re slowly coming out the other side, businesses are now planning there strategy’s on getting back to business, all hopeful on the P.Ms brief this Sunday 10th May.

That’s exactly what we’re doing here at LDM, keep an eye on what we’ve changed in the upcoming weeks, how we can help and top tips on generating the best possible response out of your marketing campaigns.