Leaflet distribution is rapidly becoming main-stream due to it’s marketing ability to build brand recognition at a very affordable cost. Now more than ever companies are being careful with their marketing budgets and ensuring to get the most for their money. Distributing leaflets is increasingly being seen as the best way to get your message directly into businesses and homes around the country. Flyer distribution is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies to engage within, unlike high marketing costs through radio and television advertisements and is a more direct form of marketing than newspaper and magazine advertising. In total there are around 110,000 households within Bolton, this alone offers a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness within the area and to target over 110,000 people!

Why distribute within Bolton?

Bolton offers a great opportunity for all of our clients here at LDMUK, and we work extremely hard in distributing every single one of your leaflets which have been given to us. Our clients receive free GPS tracking followed by a report on completion of the marketing campaign which shows exactly where we have distributed. We currently distribute within Bolton on a monthly basis which allows all of our clients to book their leaflet distribution campaigns in with minimal notice. We have found that many of our clients receive a great response rate from their flyer distribution campaigns within Bolton which is great news for us and our happy clients.

If you would like more information about our leaflet distribution campaigns within Bolton then make sure to check out our Bolton leaflet distribution page which offers great information on specific postcode sectors and further area information.

Looking to start your distribution in Bolton?

Thinking of beginning your bespoke leaflet distribution campaign within Bolton? Or are simply just looking for the cheapest price?
Then contact our Manchester office today on 0161 923 6877. We are 100% confident in our work and everything that we deliver.