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Jump onto an existing campaign and choose from a selection of areas that we have available for only £39 per 1,000.

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Have a particular area that you're looking to target? Then choose your own area and your own date for only £49 per 1,000.

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If you wish your flyer to be posted totally on its own, then choose our solus distribution for only £99 per 1,000.

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Our Door To Door Distribution Process

Listen & Plan

Here at LDM, we like to get to know our clients and learn as much about your business as possible.

We take into consideration many factors when we listen and plan your leaflet distribution campaign, such as; the area you want to target and your customer demographics.

With our wealth of knowledge, we ensure that we maximise the response rates right from the beginning. We ensure to pick the best locations and dates best suited for your business.

We also analyse your marketing material (if already designed) to ensure that your artwork is the best it can be before we send it to print.

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Design & Print

Our professional design team will work from your exact requirements to create your perfect flyer.

As soon as your first draft is completed, we will then send your artwork over to you for approval. If you need any amendments, that’s not a problem, we will work on your design until you’re fully satisfied!

When your artwork is signed off, we will go through your printing specification and choose the right thickness and finish – best suited to your business. Once this is agreed, we will print your flyer and have it delivered to ourselves for storage until your campaign is due to begin.

Print best suited to your business

Leaflet Distribution

Be kept fully up to date with the progress of your leaflet distribution campaign.

Firstly, you will receive your GPS tracking map showing the radius that our teams will cover.

Your leaflet distribution campaign we be then carried out by one of our distribution teams, all accompanied with a team leader.

Each one of our distributors are fully GPS tracked throughout your campaign, so that we can provide you with a detailed completion report to show exactly where we have covered.

Prices from only £39per 1,000


Review & Discuss

We always look for new ways your leaflet distribution campaign can be improved.

Once your distribution is completed, your account manager will then analyse your campaign, look for ways it can be approved and work with you to ensure your response rate is even better than before!

We will provide you with your detailed GPS tracking report, which can be used to help evaluate the success of the campaign and basically show exactly where has been covered.

We will then breakdown your distribution to explain how it has gone and where we would suggest for you to continue your campaign at a later date.

Review and plan accordingly

Areas we cover We cover the whole of the North West, but our main areas can be seen below:

GPS Tracking Included

Here at LDM UK, we understand that trust is everything when it comes to leaflet distribution.

We not only have a team leader to accompany each team, but we have also invested in a top of the range GPS tracking software.  This allows our office teams to track each distributor, each day. On competition, your account manager will provide a fully GPS tracking report to show exactly where our distribution teams have covered in each day.

There are many advantages to using GPS tracking software;

  • Shows exactly where we have covered in your chosen area
  • Allows us to work together to strategically plan areas you have missed
  • Gives you the peace of mind that each and every flyer has been delivered

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