Many people have been asking us exactly how does our GPS tracking work?

So here’s a quick guide on what you need to know.

All our staff are equipped with a smart phone which has an app included on them which tracks their exact location.

  • Step 1

A boundary is set up for your chosen location

Let’s say for example a boundary is set for the whole of Manchester, as soon as our team go into the set boundary it will pick up their signal and send across the movements and streets covered.

  • Step 2

A GPS signal is received once our team enters that specific location, our staff cannot tamper or turn off the GPS tracker. LDM (UK) have ownership on all the trackers so our staff do not have access to amend any data.

  • Step 3

A report is then generated showing exactly which streets and households have been covered.

  • Step 4

Clients are then able to log into our site and watch their distribution being carried out on that same day.