One of the many questions we get asked at LDM UK is…Do leaflets even work?

Does leaflet distribution still play a vital part of the marketing mix in this digital age? Well companies spent over £260 million pounds on leaflet drops last year alone!

I might be old fashioned (even though I’m only 31) but in my opinion, there is something about having a physical copy that I think has always worked better than an image or email on the screen!

I’ve picked out a few facts from the Royal Mail & The Direct Marketing Association that I thought was quite interesting….

Did you know?

  • 73% of door drops are opened, read or filed
  • 67% of people have been prompted to buy something after receiving a door drop
  • On average, 51% of all mail is read immediately
  • Door drops are now more targeted than ever, from postcodes to household income

The truth of the matter is, door drops are a vital part of any marketing strategy – and here at LDM UK, we are able to target your exact demographic and deliver your marketing material, anywhere in the UK, with our own professional teams that are fully GPS tracked.

If anyone has any questions on leaflet drops, do not hesitate to get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to assist.