Take a look how quick and efficient the process is!

We had a restaurant enquire a couple of weeks back having used us in the past, this time the message they wanted to put out was slightly different, the message was to update their customers that they’re now doing home deliveries during lockdown, something they haven’t done before.

We got them scheduled in for 10,000 under a solus campaign.

Within the first week from this restaurant enquiring, we had their flyers printed and distribution started, being kept up to date throughout, on completion GPS tracking was sent over, as you can see below.

Not only was the customer extremely happy with our service, her sales have increased off of the back of distribution, the immediate proximity now know that they are doing home deliveries which was the goal.

Another campaign has now been scheduled to extend the area we haven’t already covered, please take a look to see how we’re getting on with the extended area this week.

It really is that simple of a process to get a campaign underway, if like this restaurant, you want to generate more sales, get in touch to see how we can help.