Leafleting is a great way of getting information about your business and its products out in the local area, but to make the most out of the many potential benefits of using leaflets, there should be careful consideration about what information you include on your documents.

Think about what you would want to see on a leaflet if you were a customer – contact details are a must, and information about products and prices could also be included.

Too much information is as undesirable as too little so make sure your leaflets strike the right balance and do not overwhelm potential customers with more facts than they need at this stage of doing business.

Leaflet marketing is quite visual and this means that as well as putting thought into the words, images are also a priority. Vibrant colours could be a good move depending on the services you are advertising, or simple black and white could be effective when targeting certain types of customers.

To make the most out of leafleting it is important to work with a reliable and professional firm with the experience needed to do the job well. Here at LDM UK we have worked with all kinds of businesses, in a range of sectors, and we can meet your every requirement.