Over the last 10 years leaflet and flyer distribution campaigns have been one of the most cost-effective and influential marketing strategies for a long time and still show no signs of slowing down. Leaflets and flyers offer a straight to the point form of advertising which is delivered direct to your target market in the comfort of their own homes. Compared to other forms of marketing such as online marketing, leaflet distribution campaigns offer a lot more for a lot less in a quicker time frame.

Advantages of marketing through flyers

As mention their are three main reasons why companies, small and large are turning to flyer marketing to promote their business and the reasons are:

  • Flyer marketing is really cost-effective
  • Reach your target market directly
  • Track responses with GPS Tracking
  • Cover specific areas to maximise business

Mentioned above is some of the main advantages of using flyer distribution campaigns as a marketing strategy. Here at LDM UK we ensure that all of our leaflet distribution campaigns are strategically planned to our clients exact needs while also being GPS tracked to give you the peace of mind that your campaign has been fully completed. We not only strategically plan your campaign giving your advice and tips to maximise your response, we also offer design and printing assistance too. Our in-house design team will help to amend or create you a brand new flyer from scratch.

More information and booking in

Looking to find out more information on our leaflet distribution services or how we can help with your design and print of your flyers? Here at LDM UK our friendly customer service team are on hand Monday – Friday to assist you in any way possible. If you’re looking for our next available date, please head over to our online calender on our ‘Contact Us Page’ to see them.

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