Our distribution teams are distributing for 3 new clients and 5 existing clients this week.

The weeks distribution campaigns are taking us to Urmston, Flixton, Stretford, Bolton, Saddleworth, Hulme, Moss Side, Salford and Liverpool.

We at LDM UK have had contact with all of these companies and discovered the best target areas for all and arranged their distribution, we have also organised the printing for 1 of these companies as well.

Our requests for distribution is expanding more and more each day.

There has also been talk this week of starting regular distribution campaigns in Leeds. We have made this possible already by distributing our own leaflets around Leeds as well.

One of our biggest independent clients has distribution campaigns in Leeds every month and we at LDM UK have decided to branch out further than the current areas covered on the website in order to bring more business to ourselves, meaning that distributing for more clients will bring them more business.