If you’re looking to distribute to one of the biggest cities within the UK Manchester must tick your box! With a population estimated at over 500,000 people and an estimated 200,000 households and over 5000 businesses, Manchester is the perfect location for a cost effective leaflet distribution campaign.

As LDM UK are based on the outskirts of Manchester’s city center, they obtain the best knowledge on where your flyers, business cards and menus will obtain the best response. Covering the whole of Manchester on a day to day basis, there are opportunities for shared distributions every week which can help to save you money on your marketing budgets!

Why distribute in Manchester?

If you need assistance on picking the correct area within Manchester to obtain the best response for your marketing campaign then LDM UKs helpful office team have state of the art tracking and demographic software to help them to help you. With a simple phone call or email, LDM UK will give you a breakdown of prices for printing, distribution or design, with the added assistance of quantities of leaflets you may need to build brand awareness and to increase response rates.

With all distribution services LDM UK offer, every single client no matter what price they pay will receive a fully GPS tracked distribution. This will allow you to pin point areas for distribution or track which areas have given you your best response for future marketing campaigns you may wish to carry out. LDM UK will also give you a fully GPS tracked report on completion of your distribution which shall break down how the campaign went, which individuals streets where covered and so on! With this added service free leaflet collection can be arranged for all Manchester leaflet distribution campaigns just to make your distribution campaign that little bit easier to arrange and carry out!

If you would like to find out more information on LDM UK’s Manchester leaflet distribution campaigns then check out their Manchester leaflet distribution page which gives a lot more information upon postcode sectors and relevant information on Manchester to help you to plan the perfect distribution!


Thinking of beginning your bespoke leaflet distribution campaign within Manchester? Or are simply just looking for the cheapest price?
Then contact our Manchester office today on 0161 923 6877. We are 100% confident in our work and everything that we deliver.