By now, almost every business is on some kind of social media platform, whether it be Facebook, Instagram or even Snap Chat! But from a business standpoint, is it the answer to all our prayers?

What business has time to conduct all their social media marketing themselves? Unless you have an in-house marketing team – it becomes very time consuming! Thinking about what ads to posts, what content to write and how to target the right people?

The next option is to hire a social media agency….Wow! Prices starting from £600 per month plus an extra £500 per month for the ads…really?

Social media is great, don’t get me wrong. But unless you have the budget or time – how do you make it cost-effective for your business?

Direct mail marketing isn’t just a cost-effective alternative to social media marketing but can also work great along-side other campaigns. From only £39, you can target 1,000 households in the exact area for your target market.

To some up, is Social Media the best thing since sliced bread for marketing…maybe, maybe not. But our experience, it can be expensive and didn’t generate the best results (being a B2B business)

If you’ve had a good experience, please share your thoughts…