Are you looking to undertake a leaflet distribution campaign around Tameside. Do you have a business you’re looking to promote in the area or event? Then if so, we’re here to help. With around 90,000 households within Tameside, there are a lot of people you can target with a cheap and effective leaflet distribution campaign.

Here at LDM UK we offer two main distribution services which are our door to door campaigns and business to business campaigns. To find our more on each service and what the benefits are to the two different types, head over to our dedicated door to door and business to business campaign pages.

Why distribute in Tameside?

Tameside offers a great opportunity for all types of industries to target with a targeted distribution campaign. You may be situated within Tameside or based outside of the area, but with a leaflet distribution campaign it doesn’t matter as we can spread your flyers our where ever you may choose. Tameside has a diverse and multicultural basis and gives our clients who choose to distribute in that area the opportunity to reach a plethora of demographics. With all of our campaigns within Tameside you will receive our free LDM UK GPS tracking service which allows you to see exactly where we have covered for your business. Our friendly office team are always one phone call away and are here to keep you informed on your campaign from the moment you contact us.

If you would like further information on leaflet distribution campaigns in Tameside, check out our Tameside leaflet distribution page which also has a quick inquiry form for those who would like to ask any questions which they may have.


Thinking of beginning your bespoke leaflet distribution campaign within Tameside? Or are simply just looking for the cheapest price?
Then contact our Manchester office today on 0161 923 6877. We are 100% confident in our work and everything that we deliver.