As you may know or may not, even the up-most professionally designed leaflets in the world won’t tend to get the results they deserve unless it’s distributed to the correct target market and area. There are many demographic variables to take into consideration when planning your leaflet distribution campaigns and choosing a targeted leaflet distribution could be the key to your success. It’s often stated that who you are marketing to is more important than the message you are sending them. Therefore, it’s imperative that your leaflet distribution campaigns are planned with great thought and precision.

How can we help

Here at LDM UK we have years of experience in leaflet distribution and have gained a valuable insight into the areas we distribute to on a weekly basis which is the whole of the North West! We have invested in state of the art mapping and GPS tracking services to assist the planning and running of your distribution campaign. Our friendly office team are always on hand to research your target market for your targeted leaflet distribution campaign and offer you great advice and recommendations.

After discussing your target market we look for following criteria to maximise you responses:

1. Property Type

2. Property Ownership

3. Lifestyle

4. Wealth

No matter what your requirements may be we can help you to find the perfect location for your targeted distribution campaign. So whether your target market is wealthy old age pensioners that own their own properties or whether it’s families with young children in council houses, we can devise the perfect distribution plan for you.

More Information?

Looking for more information on our targeted leaflet distribution campaigns? Simply head over to our dedicated door to door distribution page or business to business distribution page for more information on all of our distribution services we offer. Or simply contact our friendly customer service team directly on 0161 923 6877.