No matter what your business is, it will almost always benefit from leaflet distribution in your target locations. Of course there are some exceptions, but in general what a business needs is publicity, public relations and visibility in the market place, to distinguish from their competitors.

So it’s not really a matter of why you should be printing and distributing leaflets – the question is how! How will you make your leaflets different from the rest? Here are a few tips on how to get the most return on investment when participating in printed media.

Firstly – what’s the first think you think when you receive a leaflet in the street or through the post box? It’s usually; “which bin shall I put this in”, which is the absolutely opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. So how can we combat this…? There are two very simple options to reduce this factor as much as possible.

1. Know your target audience – This is something that many businesses rarely think about, for example you don’t want to go handing out pizza flyers outside a gym. Delivering pizza flyers to local houses on a Friday afternoon would be a much smarter option and increase the likeliness of getting orders.

2. Make it different – Design is so important in an age where dozens of flyers are posted and handed every second, if your leaflet looks just like the other 5 pizza shops leaflets in the local area… Why should the customer not throw yours away too? There’s nothing worse than a badly designed leaflet, put the effort in or pay for the design services and quality printing!

3. How are you different? – Again back to the same point, you don’t want your leaflet design the exact same as Sloppy Joe’s pizza place next door so sell your individuality as a business too, people like USP’s (unique selling points if you didn’t know). If your pizzas are organic or made by a real Italian chef… People like to know how you are different from the crowd – so shout about it!

Finally if you can design a leaflet and you can get your USP’s across to your customers then it’s time to print. Now this can go disastrously wrong if not done correctly, or it can go brilliantly and save a load of money if done correctly (so listen up!). A good place to start is with paper, it’s recommended you don’t skimp on paper as it could compromise the whole quality of design USP’s and target audience. Go for a glossy double sided, sharp colour and text reproduction – if you can get it from HP that’s great, if not buy Samsung for the premium quality finish.

Next you need to think about your printer, again if you have a premium brand such as HP, Samsung, Epson etc, and the higher quality you will receive in your flyers. Almost all printers are fully capable of leaflet printing, providing the software (such as word) is set up correctly.

The ink or toner you’re using is the most important part of the equation, go for a cheap ink and toner and you will end up with a cheap leaflet that looks amateur. It’s recommended to use a high end HP toner with one of HP’s LaserJet series for professional and fast printing.

Of course you don’t specifically need £1000 of equipment to create your flyers, just some quality components and a head on your shoulders. Follow the tips above for success in printed media and we hope you contact LDM UK for a second to none service in distribution to your target locations!