What to look out for when choosing a leaflet distribution company

Although leaflet distribution has been a well-respected and popular method of marketing for many years, prospective clients are still unsure as to how effective such methods are and how trustworthy leaflet distribution companies are.

Top 10 points to look out for:

  1. Distribution teams – Does the company have its own employed workers? Or are the workers self-employed. Employed staff will always be more trustworthy as they work for the company and will be following set guidelines. Whereas on the other hand, self-employed workers can sometimes be less trustworthy and not as loyal to the company.
  2. Uniformed Staff – The distribution teams posting your flyers are not only representing their company but your company too. Having a distribution team who are fully uniformed distributing your flyers gives you a more professional and genuine service opposed to an un-uniformed workforce.
  3. GPS Tracking – GPS Tracking is a new and modern way leaflet distribution companies are monitoring their workforce. The tracking works in favour for both the company and the client as this allows staff to be monitored through the working day to ensure all flyers are being distributed in the correct area. On completion of campaigns the tracking can be sent to the client as a report to show exactly where their flyers have been posted.
  4. Shop Front / Office – Does the distribution company have a shop front or office space so you can meet them face to face? It is always good to be able to go and meet the company you are going to choose, as this will allow you to view their distribution process or find out more valuable information about their company.
  5. Prices – Prices are always a good indication to what type of service you’re going to receive as a customer. A common and important saying in business is, ‘you get what you pay for’. If a company is offering a solus campaign for £40 per thousand, this would raise questions to how they could possibly do this for the price they’re offering.
  6. Reviews – Reviews are key to seeing how professional a company is. Any company’s reviews will give you a great insight into the quality of service they provide to their customers.
  7. Services – Does the company provide add on services such as design and print. If they don’t it’s not always a bad sign, but if they do this is a great indication that the company is established and are there to help their customers.
  8. Online Presence – Does the distribution company you’re looking to use have a strong online presence? Do they have a website? Do they have genuine social media accounts? Do they actively market themselves? These are some of the many factors you should research to see if they’re a genuine and quality company.
  9. Customer Service – Does the distribution company keep you up to date with your distribution campaign? Will you be able to receive day by day updates on your campaign and will they be able to keep you in the loop?
  10. Distribution Coverage – Does the company distribute nationwide or do they only focus on a small area of the country? If a company focuses on just a small area they are more likely to not have a great experience in distributing in your chosen area. Distributing with a professional and experienced distribution company will allow you to get the most out of your campaigns.

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