Is flyer distribution really essential?

A question we’ve been asked a good few times here at LDM, and I will leave the answer below.

Yes, and I’ll tell you why.

Not only has the PM recently used a mail drop to update the country on the current lockdown situation, there is good reasons behind it.

He had a a few options of getting that message out, through email maybe? Through various news outlets across the country? No, he choose distribution, reason being is, there is only one letterbox per household, the message will be seen, not everyone watches the news, heck, not even everyone opens their emails.

This service is safe, efficient and essential to the country.

Although we didn’t participate in getting that message distributed across the country, we’ve been helping many companies, councils, the NHS and many more spread awareness to thousands of households across the North West. Even right down to the local corner shops that are now doing home deliveries, the elderly might not see this online but getting a flyer through their door keeping them updated on this is extremely helpful for them, they wouldn’t of known this information without getting a flyer.

The feedback we have been receiving during this time has been overwhelming, at the end of the day we’re just doing our jobs, but we see it as every flyer we distribute, its doing our bit to help a company stay afloat by generating new business, updating people on how they’re local areas are helping during this time, or like i mentioned above keeping the elderly safe by getting deliveries to their doors saving them the risk of going out.

In summary, we are deemed essential, and we are playing a huge part in improving peoples lives through Leaflet Distribution, no matter how small.