With Wigan offering around 160,000 households and over 1000 businesses within the city, its clear to say that this city is a great opportunity for a cost effective leaflet distribution campaign. We currently distribute leaflets around Wigan on a monthly basis with one of our teams covering the whole area. At LDM UK we have our own team of designers in house to help create your leaflets, business cards, menus, business stationery and much more! We can also help to correct designs to get them print ready and save you money on printing costs. Our designers take their time to work to your specific requirements and brief to complete your perfect design, we will also help to improve your design to ensure that it will receive a great response during your distribution campaign.

Why distribute in Wigan?

Wigan leaflet distribution campaigns have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years and has become one of our main flyer distribution areas in which we cover. As Wigan has become one of our most popular areas, clients who choose to use LDM UK to distribute within this area can gain special prices and discounts which on average saves our clients up to £100 per distribution!

Wigan offers a great opportunity for local businesses and businesses that are looking to expand. LDM UK can ensure that your leaflet distribution campaign runs successfully with offer advice and help on design, printing and distribution. Our professional design team can ensure that your leaflet, magazine or menu design is print ready while offering tips on improvements to your design to further the chances of obtaining a great response!

If you would like more information on our Wigan leaflet distribution campaigns then please check out our Wigan leaflet distribution page on our website. Our Wigan page gives a further insight into the Wigan area and a break down on households in specific postal codes which can be used for designing a strategic targeted distribution campaign.


Thinking of beginning your bespoke leaflet distribution campaign within Wigan? Or are simply just looking for the cheapest price?
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