Truth is, they’re both equally as important as one another, they both have pulling power that can lead to sales in their own unique ways.

When someone you know recommends a company to yourself, gives you great feedback and can’t praise you enough, you would think that’s the sale done, but times have changed.

The first thing they will do is jump online and “vet” your company, let’s be honest we all do it, scrolling through so many reviews to see what other experiences people have had.

It’s essential that not only are you an expert in your field, but you come across that way, both in person and online.

How does your site look, the appearance of what people are going to see, is it user friendly? Can customers get all the information they need from that site?

Now imagine you keep getting great feedback, but your online reviews are letting you down, how many potential sales are you losing out on without even knowing?

A key tip is when you have finished a job for someone, provided a service or even sold them a product, ask them for a review, 90% of people don’t leave reviews, not because they don’t want to, because they haven’t been asked, majority of the time they will be leaving one if they have had a bad experience, not because it was positive.

It’s a great way of helping you generate more business, and its completely free.