If you’re spending your hard earned cash on printing some flyers or leaflets you want to get it right and make them as effective as possible. Here are our top flyer printing tips to help make your next campaign a success.

Our Top 5 Tips:

  1. Print Thickness – When printing your marketing material you will get the option of what thickness you would like your flyer. The most common and most used thickness is 130gsm, but to stand out from the other flyers that may be being posted you should opt for a thicker material of around 300gsm. A 300gsm flyer is much thicker than the average flyer and will definitely stand out! The flyers are harder to scrunch up which means your flyer will definitely catch the eye of the reader and more than likely be read.
  2. Print Full Colour – To catch the eye of the individual receiving your flyer you should always print in full colour. Black and white flyers give off a amateur look to the flyer and will more than likely be thrown in the bin, so it’s always a good choice to spend that little bit more and print in colour.
  3. Print Double Sided – One of the most important tips we can offer is to make sure your flyer is double sided! Ensuring that you print a flyer that is double sided is key to getting your flyer seen. Once your flyer has been posted you do not want your flyer landing on the content side which will look like a plain piece of paper to the receiver. Generally there is not much of a price difference in printing on both sides so it’s definitely worth checking out.
  4. Stick to A5 or A6 – Keeping your flyer to either an A5 or A6 size will allow your flyer to be easily posted without being folded or rolled up. A4 flyers and bigger are normally rolled up or folded to fit through a letterbox which will effect the chance of the material being seen or read. So to ensure your flyer is posted correctly and seen without being folded or rolled we would always suggested an A5 or A6 flyer.
  5. Print in bulk – Like most things in life the more you buy at once the cheaper it gets. Printing in bulk is the same, bulk printing will save you quite a bit of cash when it comes to printing which is always a positive!

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